Monday, April 19, 2010


Friday was a beautiful day. Daddy started his spring break and has off until Wednesday, HOORAY! So friday morning we went to a yard sale. They had a lot of cool things, but all we left with was a little red wagon. Princess V just loved it. As we left the thought struck me, that it would make a perfect little garden for the Princess' to take care of. Before we headed home we stopped at Lowes. We let the Princess' each pick a flower. Princess V loved the yellow mini snapdragons, and Princess C loved the pink ones (can't remember what they're called - oops). We also picked up some more potting soil. When we got home we had a picnic lunch, and then started work in our mini garden. We've talked about plants before, but friday we got to really look at the roots and see how they get water to the plants. We then pulled out their little watering can and let them give their flowers a drink. Here's some pics of Princess V being silly.

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