Thursday, May 6, 2010

FHE Monday

I realize it's not monday anymore, but I wanted to post about our lesson. We've been working with the Princess' to teach them more about gratitude. Especially in our prayers. We want them to remember to thank our Father in Heaven for all that He has blessed us with. So for FHE (Family Home Evening) we had an object lesson.
What you''ll need:
-A pitcher of water
-a glass
-an empty bowl

Place the glass in the bowl. Go around the room, and ask what each person is thankful for. After they say what they are thankful for, have them pour a little water into the glass. The water represents our blessings and happiness. As we remember to thank the Lord, He will continue to bless us and keep our glass full and overflowing.
The Princess' had a lot of fun pouring the water and watching the cup overflow.

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