Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shapes and Charts

Slowly we're getting back into a routine. Pricess R is taking up quite the time though. We sure love having her around, even if we don't get to focus much on schooling right now.
So last week we went to the library. The local library has finally finished renovating the childrens area and we wanted to check it out. WOW! It is absolutely amazing and so much better then the way it used to be. We let Princess V play on the computer and Princess C helped me pick out some books and movies. One of the movies we got was Sid the Science Kid. This is such a fun preschool age show. One episode talks about charts and why they are important. So yesterday I thought it would be fun to make a chart with Princess V. I drew the chart and then told her what needed to go in it. So in one column I wrote different shape names. In the other column I asked her to draw me the shapes to go with the names. She did pretty good, until we got to the triangle. She kept practicing though and eventually got a pretty good looking triangle. She later went on to draw her own chart. It was lots of fun.
With Princess C this week, we've been working on drawing circles. She has had so much fun and really enjoys showing me her circles. I think it's opened up her creativity as well. earlier today she drew us a "shark".
I am so glad I get to stay home and watch these Princess' learn and make these little milestones.

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  1. I am so impressed with you. Good job, Adelina.