Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance, Music and Therapy

What a day!!! Each Princess got their own little class today.

Princess V started her dance classes today. She is taking tap and ballet. We dropped her off and left for 1 hour. I was a little worried about her paying attention and following directions, but her teacher told me she did well. Sadly she won't show me any of what she learned. She sure is cute though!
While Princess V was in class Princess C went to Marching Band with dad. I'm not sure what she did there, but she came home wiped out. When she woke up she was a very happy smiley girl. I think she had lots of fun with Daddy.

Princess R had her own very special class today. Today Princess R went to physical therapy. About a week ago Princess R was diagnosed with plagiocephaly, or a flat head. We met with a physical therapist today who showed us what we can do to help fix it. She took some measurements, and did some observing. It was pretty interesting all we learned. She has a little tightness on one side of her neck so we have some stretches to help with that. We are also now using rice filled socks to position her. It causes her to keep her head on the opposite side so her head will round our more.

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  1. Wow! Individualized instruction - and they haven't even hit Kindergarten yet! Good job Mom!