Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exercise Day

It has been awfully rainy or windy all week!  Ugh!  So we haven't been getting much running around time, and we were all going crazy!!!  Today I decided it would be all about exercise.  Once we got up and got going, this is what we did.

Jumping Jacks
London Bridges
Ring Around the Rosy
(repeat many times)

Red Light Green Light
Hide and go seek

Then we did some dancing in Princess R's room while daddy was so kind and set up an obstacle course for us.  
Climb over the stool, jump down, go around the saxophone case, and crawl under the baby gate (UNDER we said, UNDER!!!)

Yep, she jumped off alright.  Smack into the saxophone case.  I think this captures the moment well don't you?  No worries, it didn't even phase her.

"See that mom?  See that?"  Yes I did, you went under!!

1 comment:

  1. Remind me when we get there to get some scarfs. It is so fun to dance with light, colorful scarfs! This is a great idea and I'm glad the sax wasn't injured.