Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beatrix Potter

Happy Birthday Ms. Potter
Today is Beatrix Potter's birthday.  She wrote many wonderful children's stories.  If you've never read them I suggest you do!  We started our day today with stories 

After a little break we did the Bunny Hop.  Only we had to change it to the "Kangaroo Hop".  We have a Winnie the Pooh CD that has the Kangaroo Hop, but it's pretty close.  All 3 Princess' loved dancing around to that.  The song is just under 2 minutes and we hopped the whole time.  What a workout!!  Princess R giggled a good bit while watching us hop around.  It was so much fun.
After our exercise we used our imaginations.  I asked Princess C and V what their favorite animals are since Beatrix Potter wrote about animals.  They both said cats.  So we got on all fours and pretended to be cats, meowing and cleaning ourselves.  Or in Princess C's case cleaning Princess V and R.  That girl is a hoot to watch!
For dinner we ate Peter Rabbit looking biscuits.  To make open a can of refridgerated buttermilk biscuits.  Cut 1 into 3 pieces, and shape into a bow tie and 2 ears.  Attach to another biscuit.  Cook according to package directions!
For dessert we had Raspberry Creme pie with fresh raspberries on top.  I think a treat Ms Potter would have thoroughly enjoyed!  Now if I can convince Daddy, he and I will be ending the night watching  Miss Potter 

Tomorrow is National Puppetry Day!  I'd love to see any ideas you have or puppets you've made!  We'll be creating the 3 little pigs here!

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