Monday, August 2, 2010

National Clown Week

Today we had a history lesson.  The first week in August has been set aside as National Clown Week.  Unlike many other "National" holidays, this one came with a presidential proclamation.  In 1971 Richard Nixon decided to set aside this week to celebrate Clowns.  He felt that clowns who went to visit the sick and mentally disabled needed a little more appreciation.  You can read his PROCLAMTION HERE.  

After talking about clowns I thought it would be a good idea to show the girls what clowns looked like.  So we googled images of HAPPY CLOWNS (to avoid the scary ones).  Princess V enjoyed scrolling through and finding the clowns she liked.

Here's a run down of our schedule this week, if anyone would like to celebrate with us - 

Tuesday - Clown College.  Learning juggling, gymnastics, miming, falling down without getting hurt, and possibly pie throwing.
Wednesday - pick clown names, more clown college
Thursday - clown eggs.  We'll be decorating eggs to look like clowns
Friday - Clown Makeup/face painting.

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