Sunday, September 26, 2010


We had a pretty good day at church today.  During the sacrament Princess V told me about Jesus.  Here is what she told me - 

Jesus loves me.  I love Him.  He died for us.  He got nails in Him.  They put a sign up.  There were mean people.  He lived again.  He's alive.  He loves me.  

I was so impressed with her.  I could tell she really listens to her lessons.

Princess C had a bit more of a rough day.  I guess a bunch of the kids got on a table in nursery.  The leaders got them down, but Chloe got back up.  She lost her footing and fell, possibly hitting a chair on the way down.  She wouldn't calm down so they took her Daddy.  She seemed to be doing pretty fine, at home.  But a little after dinner, she started almost just whimpering about her nose, and asking for kisses.  I was feeding Princess R, so I had Daddy take a look.  Her nose was now bruised and starting to swell.  Poor girl.  I am really thankful we have a PA in the family.  Mark called his brother, who told us things to look for if there was a concussion, and assured us she would be fine.  I hope we don't take too much advantage of his knowledge, but it really is nice to have him.  Thanks Uncle T. for allowing us to call with our concerns and questions.

Princess V and C are now hanging out with a blanket and pillows watching a little cartoon before bed.             


  1. Yeah it usually looks worse then it is. When Peyton pulled the dresser on herself we were freaking out and it looked worse then that but they said as long as she doesn't seem to have a concussion and her nose didn't seem to be broken it was fine.

  2. Thank goodness for strong bodies. Heavenly Father was certainly kind when he gave small children soft bones. When Mark was tiny he fell against a table and knocked in all 4 of his top teeth. The dentist straightened them back out but I remember wishing I had been right there to catch him. How grateful I was when there was no lasting damage.