Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Princess V is 4

I can't believe it!  She's 4 years old!  The time has flown by and she's no longer my baby.  Princess V was born 4 years ago on September 22, 2006 at 12:43pm.  She was 7lbs 8oz and 20inches long.  4 years later and she is 31.5lbs and 3ft 2inches.  
We were at Nana and Opah's last night taking care of Grandma, so I let Princess V sleep in this morning (ok I let her every day).  When she woke up Princess C and I sang Happy Birthday to her.  We had Marshmallow Mateys and a fruit smoothie for breakfast.  We followed breakfast up with some coloring of Tinkerbell (she got a BIG book of her from Nana and Opah), and watching some cartoons.  We left a little after lunch to come home.  First we had to stop at the store to get the cake stuff.  Since it was Princess V's birthday I let them ride in one of the car carts.  They loved it.  When we went to leave the store though there was a huge rainstorm that had moved in.  The water droplets were enormous.  I was going to wait it out, but a nice employee came over with an umbrella and ran out with us.  Princess V and C just giggled the whole time.  They thought it was so fun. Of course they were covered in the cart so they would.  
When we got home, the Princess' played and watched some more cartoons while I cleaned the kitchen and made the cake.  Then Daddy got home, and it was birthday time!  We opened presents first.  Princess C kept thinking they were for her, so that was a little difficult.  She got the new Tinkerbell movie - Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, and a book light. She was so excited for them.

We quickly ate dinner, then Daddy took Princess V and C to the mall, as that was one thing Princess V really wanted to do today.  They came home pretty happy, so I guess they must have had fun.  Last for the night we blew out candles, cut the cake, and watched her new movie.  They are now winding down for bed with a little Sprout.  


  1. This was almost as good as being there! Thank you for posting so many photos and a video! Wow!