Sunday, November 21, 2010

A is for Airplanes

Yesterday's lesson began with reading
My First Airplane Ride
by Patricia Hubbell
It was a really cute book, with a good rhythm.  The Princess' seemed to pay attention and they enjoyed finding all the A's on the pages.  After we read the book we got ready for our "field trip".  We headed up to the Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base.  I love that we live so close to something so cool.  This museum is just full of different planes, jets, and helicopters.  The girls had a lot of fun.  We got to have a little lesson on propellers and how they push the Air.  Eventually we ended up in their education center, where the Princess' played with some blocks and mini airplanes, while daddy played on a flight simulator.  One of the volunteers then asked us if the girls would like to get in a little airplane....Yeah, of course we did!
(you can sort of see the little airplane in the background)  They reminded me of the flintstone's car, but with pedals.  Very cool!  

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