Monday, November 8, 2010

Primary Talk

Princess V gave her first Primary talk yesterday!  She was asked to give it on service.  Thanks to some friends, I got the idea to have her color a picture to hold while giving her talk.  She did excellent.  We talked about service all week, and I finally came up with a short talk for her that incorporated what we had been discussing through the week.  She did great.  She was so excited to give a talk and "talk in the microphone".  When she said the last line she smiled big and gave a little happy jump.

"Service is love.  Jesus taught us to serve and love our neighbors. 
I can serve my neighbors by taking them cookies.
I can serve my family by cleaning up my toys.
I can serve others by being a good friend.
When I am older I can serve the Lord by going on a mission.
Giving service makes me happy."

We even took the time to curl her hair with a curling iron for the first time ever!  I love this girl! 

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  1. She is adorable! Her picture is way cute too, tell her good job for me!