Friday, February 18, 2011

Where are they?

Today was cleaning day.  I needed to get all the general cleaning done, so I could focus on our lessons next week.  After our St George trip things got a little (ok a lot) behind.  I send the Princess' to their room to play (actually they just didn't want to help so they went to their room).  Princess R loves playing in their room too, I think it makes her feel like a Big Girl.  So I finished up the kitchen and took some toys to the Princess' bedroom and wanted to check on them.  I could see Princess V, but wasn't sure where Princess R was.  I found her, and couldn't resist a picture.
Awe!  Does it get any cuter? Of course when I first went in all I could see were her eyes poking out, but once she saw me she started clawing her way out.

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