Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Castle

It has been a long time coming, but Moving week is finally here!  We've really tried hard to include the Princess' in every aspect of finding and purchasing a new home.  We took them to every house showing (although stressful, I think was great for them!), talked it up, and asked their opinions on every house we considered.  Of course Princess C liked them all, and Princess V was opinionated.  She liked a lot, and there were some it was a flat no.  
When we found this house I asked Princess V if she liked it.  Her response was "ummm, Yeah!".  Definitely a good sign.  I think a good factor was one wall is pink, one is purple, and she gets to have her very own room.  Really isn't that every little girls dream?  We refer to the home as our new Castle, and it has caused tons of excitement in our home.    
Well today is the day.  We sign papers this afternoon and get keys tomorrow.  It was really quite a coincidence that we're moving this week, and it happens to be our letter M week.  We'll have lots to talk about.  Posting on here, may be a little sparse during this time, but it doesn't mean we're not still continuously learning in everything we do!

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