Thursday, May 5, 2011

letter N

Finally! I'm getting back on track with our letters.  We left off with M and Moving.  We're not completely settled into our new castle yet, but we're getting there.  The Princess' love having their own rooms, and their own toys in them.  It has amazingly made bed time so much easier!! They also don't get bored as easily, because they'll just move from one bedroom to the other one. 

So back to our letters.  This week I'm trying to focus on the letter N.  We received The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond, for review, and well obviously it fits right in with the letter N.
The Night Night Book
(You can read our review of the book and enter to win it HERE)

Princess R has especially enjoyed the book, and is so close to actually saying "Night Night"
It's also been great for Princess V and Princess C to see the letter N continously on each page. 
Well we're off to use our Noses to smell things!

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  1. This book looks so cute! JDaniel has trouble falling asleep! I will need to look for it for him.