Saturday, May 14, 2011

O is for Outside

This week we focused on the letter O.  We spent Monday and Tuesday writing big and little letter O's.  Princess C had a lot of fun with this exercise because the o is pretty simple for her.  I worked with Princess V on writing O's on lined paper, and she seemed to grasp it pretty well.  The rest of the week we spent outside!  It's been so nice this whole week that we had to take advantage of it.  We started by reading some poems from The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders in the Outside section.
The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders: Favorite Adventures, Stories, Poems, and Songs for Making Lasting Memories

Then we walked, hopped, skipped, and spun our way to the nearest park.


Then we spent some time working in our garden, and planting a cherry tree.
We ended the week today with more outdoor activities
-Princess R helped King Daddy mow the lawn, and fell asleep while riding the lawn mower (sorry no picture)
- Daddy helped Princess V and Princess C make and paint birdhouses
- We went to another park and had lots of fun, followed with ice cream


  1. There is no better place to take kids on a wonderful day than a park.

    Thankfully the leprchaun survived!

  2. Wish I could seen pics of him asleep on the mower! What a beautiful day to be outside!