Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirates and Panda Bears

To continue with the letter P, we spent the last two days talking Pirates and Panda Bears.  Tuesday while at Nana and Opah's house, I created a Picture Treasure Hunt for the I mean Princess'.  If I had planned a little further ahead we would've dressed with eye patches, and swords, but I was late planning again.  So off to the computer I took to find some images for the hunt.
Piano, refrigerator, television, and stairs. I also printed the words on so they could associate the picture to the word.

Enjoying their Pirate Treasure...Twinkies provided by Aunt M (thanks!).

On Wednesday, I was really trying to get more housework done (we've still got boxes to unpack!), so we didn't do as much as I would've liked to.  However, when Kind Dad got home he took Princess R out for some daddy daughter time. I was able to try and teach Princess V and Princess C some more. They just had a bad case of the wiggles though.  So while organizing the movies I remembered we had this movie
Hello World : Hua Mei's First Year

It follows the first year of Hua Mei the Panda born in the San Diego Zoo.  I really thought this would keep the Princess' still for a bit, but no such luck.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the baby panda though, oh so cute! (In case you're wondering, Panda Bears are my favorite animal!).  Despite their wiggles, I will continue trying my best to teach them all about this world they live in!

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