Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday was King and Queen's 6th Anniversary.  Nana came up to watch the Princess' so we could get out.  We enjoyed dinner, a movie, and browsing the mall. We got home late, so the Princess' were already sound asleep.  Nana gave a good report, left the ice cream maker for our gelato adventure, and went home. Part of Nana's report was the Princess V and Princess C did the dishes. She supervised, but let them do it. I was slightly shocked. Not because she let them, but because they didn't just play with the water and bubbles. So I put them to the test today. I said it was time to do dishes and they came running! Princess V wanted to wash, and Princess C took over rinsing.

My children are amazing! I should have Nana visit more often to help me get a handle on them. I try, but she has this amazing nack of making everything fun! I even remember being a little older then Princess V and loving to wash the dishes. How does she do it? And more importantly, how did she make it stick to the next day when she wasn't even here?!
Did I mention their bedrooms were completely clean and spotless as well? They even stayed that way all day today. Not only was it good for the Princess' but it sure motivated me to get more housework done, as well as play more with the girls. Today was a day to remember.

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  1. That's awesome! It's funny how sometimes we don't realize what our kids are old enough to do until someone else has them do it first, you know?