Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday: Meals

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Topic: How does your toddlers mealtime go?

Well, meals seem to be a bit crazy around here. Princess R loves eating. She would eat all day probably if I let her. We get up and eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Usually a bowl of cereal. Princess R gets soy milk in her cereal. She's so funny about it too. For awhile she really wanted cows milk, but soon she got used to me pulling her soy out. One day after getting Princess V and C their cereal and milk, Princess R clapped and pointed at the fridge indicating that she wanted her soy. She actually knew the difference!
Lunchtime is our crazy meal. There are days I am just not hungry for lunch. It's also close to quiet time for Princess V and Princess C, and naptime for Princess R. Sometimes we eat lunch sitting at the table, Princess R in her high chair. There are days though that Princess R is just too tired before lunch and goes down for an earlier nap. Those days, I usually lay out a blanket in the tv room and Princess V and Princess C and I have a picnic while watching a movie for quiet time.
Dinner on the other hand is my sit down at the table as a family time. I involve the Princess' in helping set the table and clean up afterwards. Princss R even loves trying to help. Mostly though she's just so excited that food will soon be coming that she gets up on the table and moves all the dishes around while yelling because the food's not there yet.

As for being a picky eater, Princess R is not one. She tried everything. If it's on your plate and not hers (or she doesn't see it on hers) she wants it. There are some foods, she'll try, decide she doesn't like and spit out. No biggie. We just keep trying. She doesn't seem to remember most of the time that she tried it before. 
When Princess R is done eating, she grabs her plate and starts yelling again. This is her signal that she'd like to get down, and put her plate in the sink. Yes my 1 year old likes to put her own plate in the sink, I'm very proud of her! Oh and if we don't get to her in time, that's when food starts flying to the floor.

Suggestion for next week: How do you deal with whining?

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  1. Lol. My daughter loves to help and loves to put dishes in the sink for us. We use a lot of not-easily-destructible stuff one. ;-)