Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Day Mom Challenge Days 3-8

Whoa, this week got away from me fast! Here are days 3-8 for the 30 Day Mom Challenge from imom.
Day 3 - hug you child 3 times today.  EASY PEASY! I love hugging my kids. Princess R has especially taken to hugging lately. She even got so excited with hugging she hugged Princess V one morning when she woke up.
Day 4 - Kiss your chid while they are sleeping. This one is a little more difficult. Princess R falls asleep on her own, and I am really terrified of waking her up, so I don't go in after I've put her down. I just made sure to give her extra kisses while I was laying her down for bed. Princess V got some sleeping kisses, and Princess C got lots of kisses after reading her some bedtime stories. Princess C and I actually have a fun night routine. We hug and then we kiss cheeks, forehead and noses.
Day 5 - tell yourself "She's only ___years old. He's still a child." Then treat her that way. I try every day to treat my kids their age, to not expect more out of them then they are capable. So I did remind myself of their ages, and than I let them play the whole day long.
Day 6 - Bake, Make, or buy them their favorite food. For lunch I asked Princess C and Princess V what they would like. One wanted mac and cheese, the other hot dogs. Those go very well together, so we had chopped up hot dogs in mac and cheese for lunch. The joy on their faces when I served what they wanted was so nice.
Day 7 - Leave a sweet note for them. This I didn't do. I kept thinking about it all day, and just didn't do. Even though they can't read yet, I was thinking about putting a note on their doors with hearts. I failed. I will make up for it.
Day 8 - Calculate how many more weekends are left until your child graduates high school. Oh gosh this is a lot for us! Princess V has 728 more weekends! Princess C has 780! Princess R has 884!!  We've got many more weekends to enjoy!

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