Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Princess C's preschool

We do a coop with some ladies in our ward for Princess C's preschool. She has had so much fun, and I've really seen the amount of growth she's had by having something just for her each week. Today we had a little "Thanksgiving Feast", and I hosted it at our house. The kids had so much fun, and despite being a bit chaotic, I think the mom's had fun too. 
We started with a craft
hand and footprint turkeys (thanks Mom to 2 posh little divas!)

Then we ate snacks that each child brought. We had yummy peppermint cookies, rice crispie treats, ants on a log, and candy corn! YUM!
While the kids ate I read them a story about being thankful

If we had had anymore time, we were going to learn to spin tops, and roll a hula hoop across the floor. Things pilgrim children would've played.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I like the Hand and Foot print turkey idea.

  2. I will need to do more stuff like this when Annabelle gets older! sounds fun

  3. great ideas she certainly looks really proud of her little creations in her picture!