Friday, January 27, 2012

Priddis Preschool

Princess C's coop preschool is over. People were dropping out left and right due to different circumstances. So we had a big preschool party on tuesday, and that was it.  I'm sad, but it's been so nice not to have that extra place to run every other day. 
Princess V then wasn't feeling too great the last 2 days so I kept her home from school as well. She was just really lethargic and sleeping a lot.  She seems over it now though. She woke up this morning and got right down to playing and screaming with her sisters.

Since they were both missing school I decided we really needed to do something here at home. We called it Priddis School, and I put them to work on activities they need to work on. First together we all labeled a little boy, I found from Pinterest.
Then Princess V got to work using scissors, sorting shapes, and gluing.  Princess worked on tracing lines. Princess R was supposed to be coloring the little boy we all labeled, but she had more fun ripping the labels off, and watching her sisters.

Princess R also woke up sick yesterday, so before Priddis School this is what the day was looking like
By noon she really perked up though. Sickness just doesn't last that long around here. Thank goodness!

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