Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Princess R is 2

Yesterday my baby Princess turned 2. I was planning on writing her a letter, yesterday, but I spent the time playing with her instead.  So today I write to you Princess R.

Dear Princess R,
2 years ago you came into our lives.  1lb bigger than your sisters at birth, you are now the smallest little girl I know.  I sometimes forget that you're turning into a big girl, because to me you're still my baby.  2 years ago you looked like this
All smiles. You were a joy.  We struggled with sleep however. You didn't like it. Two years later, that hasn't changed too much. It's just been the past week that you've begun to sleep through the whole night. I may have complained some, but in reality I enjoyed many of those nights just snuggling with you.
With a new baby in the house, you've no longer been my baby. You've adjusted well, but as soon as I put Prince L down, you're ready to climb on my lap.  You make my heart melt and put a smile on my face as you've learned to be patient with me. 

Here's a few of the things you like -
- Books. If I don't hear from you for a bit, I can almost guarantee I'll find you surrounded in a pile of books quietly flipping through the pages.
- Music. You love music. All kinds. If it's got a beat, you are up and dancing around with your sisters.
- Going Outside. We've had to keep the chain lock on the door just to keep you inside. You love opening the door and taking off for some sunshine and fresh air.  Even without the sun, you love to run into the rain and snow.

Happy Birthday Princess R!  I love you so much!!



  1. Aww Happy Happy Birthday! 2 is so exciting!!

  2. Happy birthday, hope it was a great one!

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    Check out this idea. It looks like a good one.