Thursday, May 17, 2012

The value of Hard Work

So Princess V has had a hard time lately with eating the food I make, and just making large fits and tantrums over it. So one night King Dad told her she could either eat and have a popsicle, or not eat and do hard work. Well after one of the biggest tantrums and horrendous screaming I have ever heard in my life, she ended up doing some hard work with Dad.

I really feel like she learned a lesson out there.  For the most part she seemed to enjoy the work, and we only heard the occasional "I'm tired" and "I can't" from her. Eventually she took a potty break, and when I went to check on her, she asked if she could please eat her dinner.
I of course let her eat more of her dinner, which we had left sitting on the table. It was hot outside, she expended a lot of energy working, and she was aware that her body needed the fuel.  She only took a few bites, and then she was back out finishing the work with King Dad.
Since this little experiment I haven't had near the same amount of tantrums over food. I push her less to eat, and she eats more willingly.

Of course while she was hard at work, her sisters were right next to her having fun
And Prince L just hung out with us

With how well this consequence cworked out, I think it's one we'll be using more frequently

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  1. Just think how nice your yard will always look!