Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grandpa Al's funeral and a Fathers Day Message


Last week we attended the funeral of King Dad's Grandpa Al. He was a great man that left an amazing legacy. You can read all about his life in his obituary here (ya know if you're curious. He was a pretty cool guy!)

I feel very very blessed to have married into this family. Grandpa Al was always so kind and nice to me. I just loved seeing his smile and giving him a hug. I never knew either of my own grandfathers, so to get one through marriage was pretty awesome. He loved keeping up with our family, though I admit we were not very good at always keeping up to date with him the last few years. Family was his life, and the only thing that mattered to him.
We took Princess V and Prince L to the funeral with us. I wanted to feel the spirit during the services without having to chase Princess C and Princess R all over the place, or listen to their whinings on when we would leave. Princess V we felt was old enough to come and understand what was happening. She also is more than likely to have memories of her Great Grandpa Al.

21 gun Salute

Folding the Flag

Presenting the Flag to Grandpa P

Saluting Grandpa P after he received the Flag.

This is the family I married into. One who honors their country. Fights for our Freedoms and their families. One who Honors their country and their family through service and love.
I am grateful for the service Grandpa Al gave this country. On this Fathers Day, I am inspired and touched by the many generations of Fathers down to my own kids Father.
To Grandpa P, thank you for being such a wonderful Father In Law. I always enjoy sitting and talking to you. Even though at times communication is hard, I enjoy your company greatly. I can feel your spirit shine through the simple love you have for your family, that I am sure was taught to you by your father and mother.
To King Dad. I love you. You are a wonderful Father to our kids. They love you. We miss you on this Fathers Day, but hope you are getting some rest. Princess R has been wandering the house wondering where you are. We enjoy every minute we spend with you. I know some days are harder than others. I hope we can just keep learning from those hard days, so we can really enjoy all the good days!

And to my own Father. You taught me love, tolerance, and service. You are my hero. Always have been, and always will be. Thank you for loving mom and always showing us kids that family comes first. I hope you have had a wonderful fathers day.

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