Monday, October 15, 2012

Potty Training...oi vey!

Well looks like we're going to potty train Princess R by the end of the year. We tried to start last week unsuccessfully. We were sitting on the potty every 30 minutes, yet she still managed to have 3 accidents. No biggie one would think. We expect accidents while potty training. Our problem was, Princess R didn't seem to be aware of the accidents. Rather than telling me she wet, or pooped, she just continued sitting in it, and playing. So I threw in the towel for the week.

Bringing us to a few nights ago. Kids are in bed, King Dad and I finished up watching the VP debate, and were on our way to bed. As I head to our bedroom I notice a "used" (worn, but not actually used) diaper sitting on the floor. I grab it, thinking King Dad must have changed Princess R, and forgot to throw out the diaper. That's when I notice it was still dry. So I ask the King about it, and he's just as confused as me.

Awe drat! Princess R must have taken her diaper off herself. She loves to run around "free".  I debated over checking to see if she has a diaper on.  Finally settling on the fact that I don't want to clean and air a mattress out in the morning, I go check. Sure enough, no diaper, BUT she did have on Rapunzel Underwear. Oh joy. King had bought her some in hopes to get her to potty train, and she has been in love with them.

So  here I sit now, trying to potty train a girl who wants to be a big girl, but also fights it pretty hard. It's going to be a long week!

She has woken up dry most mornings, but if I don't get her right on the potty, she doesn't bother to tell me she needs to go, and well....

We're taking it slow, sitting on the potty when I can remember to take her, or when she requests to. Some days are successful, some are not. I have a feeling she will be potty trained soon though. The other 2 princesses waited until they were 3 years old, so this is the soonest we've done it.

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