Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess V

*After reading What Color is Monday? I decided to start writing letters to the kids on their birthday. I hope to one day put them all in a book that will serve as a keepsake for them and help them remember these special times of childhood. 

My Dear Princess V,

I believe I've spent the last 2 weeks in wonder as I really looked at how big you've become. Where did my little baby girl go? My child who called me mom for the first time - and now calls me Ma-Maw?  I've begged you and tickled you, pleading for you to stop growing, but you have informed me you can't just stop. You have to keep growing like your Aunt Amanda.

It wasn't easy becoming a Mom for the first time. I had no idea what I was in for, but we learned together - and we're still learning. We read poems, sang songs, and laughed hysterically with you as we dropped a toy in your lap that had a little bell in it. I still don't know why you thought that was funny, but you loved it. Over and over again we'd pick it up and drop it in your lap.

You have been going to school for quite some time now. When you were 4 you started at preschool and learned how to play with other kids, and learned new nursery rhymes. At 5 you went to Head Start preschool in Clearfield where you learned about how buildings are built, and how to take care of books. Letters and numbers were introduced more in depth as well.
At age 6, you began Kindergarten and made you first best friend. You two were inseparable, and I loved it. You started to read simple sight words, and short books. But you were still my baby, my little girl.

This year you began 1st grade. I have been so excited for you to make more friends, and continue learning important life skills. This last week though, you have made me shout for joy inside, and cry with happiness, because you have found a love for reading. Something you didn't care so much for before. But what really makes me smile is your choice of book - The Book of Mormon. I am so proud of you Princess V, for choosing such an important book to carry around with you, and read. You beg us to read more scriptures at night, and I hate saying no, but your siblings aren't ready to sit still for that long. So I encourage you to read in bed at night. I even made sure you got a light this year for your birthday so you can read into the night.

You turned 7 yesterday. We had a party on Saturday, and Nana and Opah came for dinner and cake on Sunday. I took a little time to spend just you and me though. We took out your new scooter, and the camera and went for a walk. I love you so much pretty girl.

When we got back from our walk I showed you all the pictures I took and this was your favorite. You loved that I turned the camera and thought it looked "cooler". I love it too, because you've got your smile on. Never lose that smile. Wear it all the time.

Happy Birthday my Princess - Love Mom

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