Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cooking Saturday!

I'm so excited tonight! I've decided to make Saturday our cooking class! We got up and made Cinnamon Cream French Toast. It was so delicious and so filling! We even have leftovers. They will probably make some good egg and bacon sandwiches.
After we got ready for the day we decided to make some Cinnamon rolls. It was a rainy/snowy day, so it just seemed to fit. The recipe we used is called Cinnamon Buns From Heaven. We had so much fun. Princess V helped me measure and stir, and Princess C helped me stir and pour.
Once we got the dough made it had to rise for a couple hours so we took off to find a yard sale. We found one, but nothing great. So we headed over to the park. The girls thoroughly enjoyed sliding and swinging, but it was pretty cold. So we didn't stay long.
After lunch we pulled out the dough and looked at how much it rose. Princess V thought it was so cool. She got concerned when I dumped it on the table and it looked like it was getting smaller. Princess C was more interested in playing, so we let her do her own thing, and Princess V and I rolled out the dough, added the filling and rolled it up!

After we got it cut and into the pans we again had to let it rise. So we had some family time and watched Finding Nemo. The Princess' just love that movie. So funny! You've got to love Dory. After dinner we baked the rolls, made the frosting and ate our wonderful creation. Princess V loved the frosting.
Both of today's recipes can be found in the book Beyond Oatmeal: 101 Breakfast Recipes by Carlene Duda

On a side note. Sorry there was no post yesterday. We took Princess V back to the ER and they did more xrays. She has a fractured clavicle, aka collar bone. It's not terrible, and she even used her arm more today. She's a little trooper!

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  1. Look it's a classic batter bowl!
    It looked like you guys had tons of fun!