Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Eric Carle

I LOVE Eric Carle's children's books. If you haven't read them, or even heard of them, you have been missing out. Today was his birthday, so we celebrated (we seem to do that a lot around here).
Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After reading the book, we talked about different foods that we should eat. We printed out a copy of the Food Pyramid, and then went to work making our own. Princess V pulled out some magazines, I got the glue and scissors. We had a lot of fun finding different foods and then putting them in their correct box on our own pyramid. This afternoon we went grocery shopping and Princess V helped me pick out some fruits - yummy! Princess C mostly enjoyed looking at the magazines and spreading glue around her paper, the table and herself (thankfully it was just a glue stick, not too messy).
After our afternoon walk we read Eric Carle's ABC book. Sadly we are missing the first page, so letters abc and d were gone. Princess C loves singing the alphabet song, so we sang first, then read, and sang it again. As we read the book, I had Princess V help me. She would tell me the letter, than the animal, and together we would read the word. She picked up on the fact that the word was the animal. But that's how we learn to read right? We then started finding picture for each letter of the alphabet to make our own ABC book. We were unable to finish that though, so pictures will be coming tomorrow.

For a day to day update - Princess V and I went to a Mary Kay party tonight. While there Princess V referred to the Princess R (still in my tummy) as mommy's friend "Wosarina". She's never given the baby a name before without me telling her it first. It was so sweet! Princess C got to enjoy her evening with Daddy all to herself!

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