Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy! and Dr Seuss

We took it a little slower today and just enjoyed celebrating. Being that it was Dr Seuss' birthday we stuck most of our learning in Literature. Here's some of what we did:
Read Cat in the Hat - worked on posture balancing books on our heads. Princess V made it a couple steps before the book started to fall. Princess C thought we were weird and refused to have a book on her head.
Read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Princess V even read the title of this one! Probably more from memorization than actually reading, but it was still so exciting to hear. We then ate rainbow gold fish for snack. We also had "Pink Ink to drink" (any pink drink works for this, but we had Pink Lemonade).
Read Green Eggs and Ham - had green scrambled eggs, and rolled deli ham for lunch. YUMMY. Princess C is normally our big eater, so I was surprised when she wouldn't touch her eggs. Princess V declared how much she loved them though.

Throughout the day we also read, Hop on Pop and Mr Brown Can Moo Can You. For a little creativity we printed some coloring pages. One of the Cat's Hat, and one from Green Eggs and Ham. You can find these by doing a google image search for Dr Seuss Coloring Pages.

The rest of our afternoon and night was celebrating King Dad's 28th Birthday! The Princess' love their dad so much. It's always a delight seeing their reaction as he walks in the door. Today just seemed a little more special, being his birthday and all. Of course we have decided to keep the tradition my parents set, and we took Dad out for his birthday dinner. We then went to get his birthday book. Sadly, our favorite restaurant was closed (possibly moving), so we tried a new one. It was good, and we even brought home our leftovers! At the bookstore we left with a new book on Opera. As Dad put it, "It's like a picture book, but for me!" I love this guy! Once home we pulled out the Superman Carrot Cake and ice cream. The Princess' are now in bed, and mom and dad are on the verge of dropping off.

Come back tomorrow to see our adventure into the land of telephones (It's Alexander Grahm Bell's birthday!)

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