Monday, March 1, 2010

National Pig Day

After doing a little research it's not actually national, but has been celebrated around the country by some pretty interesting parades and "pig outs". So get ready march 1ST, we're having a pig of a day!

We started our day with a little math. I pulled down our piggy bank and jar of coins. We talked about the different coins, and their names. This may be one we'll have to try a few times, before we figure it out and move on to value. But the Princess' thoroughly enjoyed sorting out the coins, and the feeding the pig.
After Math we moved on to Science and Literacy. We talked about different names for pigs. Babies = Piglets
Mommy's = Sows
Daddy's - Boars
And we looked at where they live in our Baby Einstein Books. We really enjoyed reading The Princess and the Pig by Heather Amery. Can be found in The Usborne Book of Princess Stories.
While talking about pigs living on a farm Princess V broke into song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". So we had a quick singing time, while making our noses look like snouts.
After a "recess" we gathered back together for arts and crafts. An egg carton, markers and yarn make great pig snouts!

We followed up these activities with some quiet time watching Piglet's Big Movie. The time was well used with resting by Teacher mom.
Following the movie and lunch, we had story and drama. The tale of the Three little Pigs was created right here in our home, with a Big Bad Wolf! Oh what fun!! Check out these straw, stick and brick houses :)

We also enjoyed the many things pigs give us:
Breakfast - it was supposed to be sausage, but teacher mom was a bit too tired to cook. But you could also enjoy some bacon for a good breakfast. (We had cereal)
Lunch - Pigs in a Blanket. Wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls and bake for about 10 minutes. Kids love these. Unless your Princess V and then you just like the blanket part :)
Dinner - You could have pork chops, but we had Sloppy joes. As long as we're celebrating pigs, there's no reason to stay clean all day long!
Snack - "Mud" Pudding. The Princess' had a lot of fun measuring, pouring and stirring the pudding. For a little more piggyness we added some mini marshmallows.
Desert - Pig Cupcakes. you're favorite flavor cupcake, frosted in pink icing. Add a large marshmallow for a snout, and black icing for eyes. Fun for all, and tasty too!
Here's a list of other activities you may enjoy :)
- throw around the old pig skin (we would've done this, but we don't have a pig skin)
- Discuss manners. We don't want to act like pigs, but rather Princess'.

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  1. I love what you are doing. This is really fun to read. You are amazing.