Monday, March 15, 2010


We did a little study on plants today. First we pulled down the plants we've been growing in the window. We planted these about a month ago. Just a little potting soil in a plastic cup and some morning glory seeds. Next I pulled out some crayons and paper and let the Princess' go at it! The assignment was to draw the plant. Turns out that's a little advanced. Princess C made some nice circles. Princess V made some great colors, but by the end said she was drawing dirt, and was using brown. I say progress!!
After drawing our plants, we studied the plant and named its different parts. Stem, leaves, and eventually flower. We also pulled one out of the dirt to examine the roots. Princess V thought they looked like spiders.
To start out afternoon quiet time we read Little Einsteins Farmer Annie. The team is at a farm and Annie finds some seeds. She plants them, waters them, and sings to them. They also get plenty of sun. Soon they grow into plants like tomatoes, sunflowers and corn! The Princess' loved this book. I could tell because they actually sat and listened to the whole thing! YES!
After quiet time we went to get some physical activity in. It was a beautiful day so we went out! We started by looking at the grass. We pulled some up to see the roots on it too. I asked Princess V to find me more plants but she was just enjoying the sun. Princess V got pretty tired so she went in for a nap and Princess C and I took a walk to the mail box. On the walk, I pointed out the different plants to Princess C and had her repeat their names. Ok there aren't that many on our walk, but she can now say grass and tree well and knows what they are.

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