Friday, April 2, 2010

Snow Day

We woke up yesterday morning to a covering of snow! Where in the world did spring go?
Isn't it beautiful?
Once we got the driveway shoveled, we took off to the grocery store. I decided it would be a great time to teach Princess V more about numbers. We got a lot of fruit, so I had her weigh them at the store and tell me how much they weighed. We didn't go into pounds, but she was able to point out the numbers to me. It was lots of fun.
At home we still tried working on colors with Princess C. She still hasn't picked up on it, but we're not giving up yet.
I had just finished making dinner and called everyone in. Princess V wasn't coming. So I went looking. The girls had been watching a Baby Einstein, but she wasn't in her chair anymore. I checked her bedroom, my room, the baby's room, the bathroom. I was just about to start going through the closets, when I finally saw her. Wrapped in a towel on the floor by her chair, sound asleep. What a relief.

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