Thursday, April 1, 2010

New beds

Yesterday we spent the day putting the Princess' new bunk bed together. Daddy was home most of the day, except for an interview, so we had lots of help. It seems to have worked perfectly. Princess V can get up and down the ladder all by herself, and Princess C has plenty of room to roll around now. Getting them to sleep on the other hand was another matter. Princes V kept leaning over the railing wanting to talk to Princess C and Princess C kept getting out of bed to play and turn the light on. Finally Daddy laid down next to Princess C and I laid on the couch in their room. Not entirely sure who fell asleep first, but when I woke up everyone else was asleep too. I only checked on them once during the night and they were both sound asleep.

Yesterday afternoon we had another Dr's appointment. I have dilated to a 2 and Princess R's head is down there. Dr leaves for vacation saturday, so we're hoping she decides to come today or tomorrow. We also discussed what may have been my gall bladder the previous day. He did some feeling around and thinks it may just be an upset stomach and acid. So he gave me this drink that numbs the stomach, if the pain goes away, then it was my stomach, if it doesn't then it's something else. So when the pain came back yesterday I took the drink. I didn't notice if the pain left or not, but it sure did numb my throat! I just won't worry about it until after this baby girl shows.

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