Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week of Easter

I meant to do this yesterday, but with how crazy life got I didn't have it all planned and ready. If you follow this link to sugardoodle, you will find the lessons we are following this week. Princess C didn't want to join in, but Princess V loved hunting down the eggs. It was fun and spiritual. One of the days this week we will play catch up and do 2 days in one.

A little update on Princess R. This morning at 3am I believed I was in labor. I couldn't feel contractions, but I was in some intense pain. I waited until 7am to tell Daddy. He had an interview at 10:30 so we were going to try and wait until after it, but the pain was not getting any better. So at 9am we went to the hospital. They put me on some monitors and Daddy left for his interview. At 11 they told me I wasn't dilated at all, and there weren't really any consistent contractions. After they talked to my Dr. they told me he said it sounded like I had a gall bladder attack. So then they sent me home. They didn't really tell me much else, so thankfully I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow and they will tell me what is going on. Fingers crossed this Princess gets here soon!!

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  1. Im glad that nothing was really wrong! But can't wait to hear that the newest princess has come!