Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He and She

Well I took a break from the academy for a bit. The girls were restless, and Princess R seemed to want to come. No she's not here yet though. I finally tried to get back on track yesterday. Princess V has been working on He's and She's and the proper time to use them. She always calls Princess C a he as well as a prince (because she wears pants, gasp, lol). I know she's only 3years old, but we decided it would be something to start working on.
So with a little help from Daddy we were able to have a great lesson yesterday. Daddy printed out a picture of a girl and a boy (you know the kind from the bathroom signs), and then a picture of each member of our family as well as Big Blue (USU's mascot). I printed the words He and She on note cards and our lesson was ready. We started by putting the figures on our flannel board with that blue sticky stuff. I then asked Princess V what they were pictures of. One was a boy and the other was "that's me, big girl V----". So we had a quick discussion on how it was just a girl and symbolizes all girls. We then went through our pictures adding them under the right figure. She still didn't quite grasp it, which I didn't expect her to, so I think it's something we'll do once a week.
Princess C thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures. And according to her Big Blue is a "Piggy".

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