Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I focused on teeth with the girls. We still talked about our healthy foods "sad bag and happy bag". After snack we headed into the bathroom. I gave both girls their toothbrushes and then got mine out as well. We put toothpaste on, and started brushing. I wanted to let the girls do it themselves, because it's just been a fight when I do it. Princess C had fun, and got all over the place in her mouth. Princess V on the other hand didn't want to. She's the one that normally fights really hard. Since I gave her the choice today though, she didn't really fight me as much. She even giggled a bit while I was brushing. We looked at our teeth in the mirror, and found the ones that needed a little extra cleaning too.
Again throughout the day we did colors with Princess C. She seems to be enjoying it, but was still calling everything blue.
Cute little tidbits - Princess C loves the ABC song. Or as she calls it "AB song". She will randomly break out in song with it. Too cute to listen to. Princess V was a big help around the house today. We did a lot of furniture moving and organizing to get ready to welcome Princess R soon.

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