Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthy Eating

I'll be honest. Today was a lazy day. But I really wanted to try and get some more schooling in with the girls. So when it came time for snack, I decided I'd turn food into a lesson. Before I gave the Princess' their snack, we drew on two paper sacks. One had a happy face and one had a sad face. Then I pulled out the snack - string cheese, banana, and chocolate. I asked Princess V what foods are good for us and what ones are not so good. She was pretty smart about it. We put the healthy stuff in the happy bag, and the unhealthy in the sad bag. Princess V wanted to put the banana in the sad bag, but Princess C knew better and got it in the happy bag for us. We then took a quick look at our food pyramid to remind us how much of the different foods we should eat. Then we looked in our bags. I pointed out to the Princess' that the happy bag had more food in it and the sad bag only had one piece of chocolate (for each) in it. Princess V seemed to have that look of "I get it" on, but we'll see. I've decided from now on, we'll use those bags for snacks everyday. I'll put the snacks in them, and that's what they can eat, but when it's gone it's gone. There will be less in the sad bag and more in the happy bag.
Princess C was really wanting some attention today. Normally she enjoys playing by herself, but she was following Princess V around every where! So I decided I wanted to try and get her learning more on her level. Everything we looked at, we talked about colors. She would bring me a toy and I would ask her what color it was. Today, everything was "color, blue". When I would tell her the right color she would repeat it back. I believe if we keep this up she will catch on pretty quick.

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  1. Princess C told me that the duck was Purple yesterday.