Monday, March 22, 2010


Finally Spring is here. Not just weather wise, but officially too. We started the day with some physical exercise and went to the park. It was actually a cold wet day, but the girls had fun anyways. It was so fun to watch Princess V actually playing with other kids at the park. She and two other little girls ran around together and went down all the slides. Princess C mostly enjoyed the sandbox, and even said sandbox today.
When we got home we opened the blinds and turned on some music and got to work spring cleaning our kitchen. We swept the ceiling for cobwebs, and then began on the top of the cupboards. We made it across the top of one side, and through4 cupboards. Many items I haven't been using were tossed into a yard sale box by the Princess', and a few food items were tossed in the garbage as they were pretty far past the "best by" date. When we got to our bean cupboard, Princess V really got on board with helping me. After taking them all out, and wiping down the shelf, Princess V helped me sort the beans. She was very good. We then counted the different stacks to see how many of each we had. It was loads of fun!
At one point we breaked for music time. We have a Winnie the Pooh cd and one song on it was just what we needed - "The Kangaroo Hop". The Princess' and I hopped and boinged all across their bedroom. I do believe this was Princess C's favorite part of the day.
Tomorrow we have more spring cleaning in the kitchen, but I'll try and throw a little more school in too.

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