Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1 Month old

I can't believe how fast the time flies! Princess R turned 1 month on Sunday. When I realized how old she was I almost immediately started seeing a difference in her. She's bigger, she's more alert, she's attempting to get on a sleep/eat schedule. She's just all around different than a that newborn stage. She brings such a joy into this house. Both Princess V and C love hanging around her, and want to play with her all the time. Yesterday we let Princess V help feed Princess R her first bottle. That was fun to watch, and Princess V thought it was pretty cool too. Of course once she was on the floor, Princess C thought it was her turn and got close to shoving an empty bottle in her mouth. Next time we'll have to let Princess C help out.


  1. (Priddis) She is so beautiful. I love those eyes of hers. Can't wait to meet her next month.

  2. Oh, little princess, don't grow up too much before we get there! We can't wait to meet you.