Friday, May 21, 2010

Up, Down, Turn around

Princess C has been having a difficult time with up and down. She constantly asks us to "help down" when she wants to be picked up. So, I had the brilliant idea to get winnie the pooh's help! OH yeah, introducing our morning exercises.

While we were out running some errands, we drove past a dance studio. In big letters they were announcing summer dance registration. I decided we should call and see how much and if they offered children classes. Sure enough they do. And even better it's the best price I've found anywhere!! $45 for 1 hour a week classes for 6 weeks, AND the shoes and stuff isn't required since they don't do a recital with the summer classes. Princess V and I went in to check it out and see her reaction. It was a good one. She actually cried when we had to leave, even though no one else was there dancing, just an empty dance room. Yep, we're signing her up!

Princess R has been working on lessons too, as well as teaching mommy some things. Princess R does not like carbonation or things with tomato bases. It was a sad day when I had to give up my pizza's and spaghetti. I'm learning to get a long with alfredo's though. And after 48hours of no carbonation as well, we have one pretty happy little princess. She has been learning to sleep longer at night, and go back to sleep after eating as well. Last night we had a good 5-6hours of sleep. Her body seems to be regulating to night and day now. She has one nice long midday nap, and then cat naps periodically in the morning and evening (one of which is right now!).

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  1. Love the new things you are making. We're glad Princess R is getting her nights and days in order.