Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geography and Music

While trying to decide what to teach the girls today, I decided to go to wikipedia.org and search out June 1st. I learned that June 1st was the day both Kentucky and Tennessee became states. Very cool! So we pulled out Princess V's 50 States book and had a geography lesson. It's a fun little board book that has all 50 states and little facts about each - state bird, flower, nickname, etc. We learned that Kentucky is the Bluegrass state, and Tennessee is country music USA. Princess V liked hearing about the Kentucky Derby horses.

I did two music lessons today. The first was just for Princess R. She and I were up a couple hours before everyone else this morning. So we listened to some Georg Muffat - a composer born on this day in 1653. You can hear samples of his work here at the bottom of the page.
While we were driving around running errands today I exposed the girls to a new style of music - Bluegrass. I have a cd that coincided very nicely with our geography lesson today - The Nashville Bluegrass Band. It really couldn't have been more perfect! Here is a link to their website http://www.nashvillebluegrassband.net/. You can even listen to some of their songs. Just click on discography and any of their cds. I suggest the cd Unleashed and the song "I got a date". I think I was around 10 or 12 when my parents took me to see them in concert. I loved it! I hope the Princess' can learn a wide array of music appreciation, by listening to many genres.

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