Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Princess R -

Just thought I'd let everyone know -

Princess R ROLLED OVER TODAY!!!  Oh yeah, I'm a proud mommy!  We were having tummy time, and she was holding her head up for a really long time too, then she started kicking her legs a bunch, and voila, over she went.  I love my little cutie.

As a family we went on a beautiful walk.  We think we went about a mile, but it really didn't feel like it with all the fun we were having.  We saw a snake, some ducks, and people walking their dogs.  I mention the dogs because Princess C loved them the best.  She even tried being a dog herself, but the trails not real friendly to little kids bare knees. 

Another accomplishment, all 3 Princess' are in bed, and fell asleep almost at the same exact time.  That was pretty nice! 

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