Friday, July 30, 2010


Wednesday we read a Peek a Boo book with jungle animals.  Each page had a small description of the animal and then you lift the flap to see the animal.  When we first read it I had Princess V and C guess the animals, then the second time I wanted to see what they could remember.  They did pretty well.  The third time reading it we acted out each animal.  Princess R had the giggles watching us prance, hop and roar.  Although the roaring did scare her a bit, we fixed it with the hopping frogs.

Yesterday we read One Lonely Seahorse by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers. 
One Lonely Sea Horse
All the animals and scenery in this book are created out of food.  So after reading it, we built our own fruit animals.  Princess V and C used grapes and cherries to "draw" pictures of seahorses and fish.  I used a half cantaloupe and made a turtle.  Princess V helped me with the apple slices for the turtles head, feet and tail.  Then we made an octopus out of a banana peel.  The Princess' helped me count the legs to make sure it had 8!  

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