Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random learning

Schedules have been crazy this weekend, but here's some of the fun we had!

Sunday morning while getting dinner in the crockpot Princess V asked me for her cookbook.  So I gave her her pink princess cookbook to look at.  She found a recipe for a pink princess cake and decided she wanted to make it.  So once we had dinner going, we made a cake.

On Monday, Princess V had her last day of dance class.  Parents were invited to come watch.  I was so proud of how well she listened to her teacher!  She's been having so much fun, it's sad it's now over.  She's the blonde third in from the left.

Monday afternoon Princess R had her 2 month checkup.  She now weighs 11lbs 1oz, and she is 24inches long!  She's developing well.  Then she got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine.  I didn't know she could make that many facial expressions, and boy does she have some strong lungs!!

This morning Princess C woke up and wanted to get dressed immediately, it was wonderful.  No fight involved!  After getting dressed she helped me make some scrambled eggs, and strawberries with sugar.  She was a wonderful help.

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