Friday, July 9, 2010


Today marks the birthday of Elias Howe.  Mr Howe is credited with inventing the first lockstitching sewing machine.  I love sewing.  So, the Princess' learned a new skill today.  They are fascinated by the sewing machine whenever I pull it out, so they're fairly familiar with that.  To start out our lesson, we talked about how a long time ago poeple didn't have sewing machines.  They had to make all their clothes by hand.  This led us into our first activity.  I pulled out a hoop, some fabric and thread (pink!) and let the girls each try their hand at it.  Here is a pic of Princess V loving every minute!
Princess C needed my help holding the hoop, so we didn't get a picture of her.  She also wasn't that interested in it.  Oh well, she's still  a little young to be using sharp things. 
On to bigger and better things, the sewing machine!  Princess V has been begging for a new apron.  So today she got one.  She helped me make it.  We had to measure, cut and sew.  While sewing she did the foot press and I kept the fabric straight.  She quickly learned that if she lightly pressed, it went slow, and hard pressed went fast.  She then had to prove just how awesome she is by watching the fabric and stopping when it got to the end without me telling her to!  Wow, she is talented!

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