Monday, August 9, 2010

Sail Boats and Raspberries

Last night the Princess' just wanted to go home.  We've beens staying at Nana's and Opah's for the past 2 weeks, and still have one more week to go.  So last night I promised the Princess' a fun fun day!  First thing this morning, I just let them run around doing whatever they wanted.  Then when Princess R took her nap we watched    Finding Nemo [VHS].  We then continued watching some cartoons until Princess R woke up.  After she woke up we had craft time, making little sailboats.  They started by painting some paper plates.  Then we glued sails onto popsicle sticks and stuck them into the paper plates.  The plates were soon gone, and they had flags instead.  
After running around with the flags for awhile we headed out to the playground where we swung to our hearts content and then picked Nana's raspberries.  Which was followed by a raspberry eating fest.  Tonight we plan on watching another movie (probably Cinderella (Two-Disc Special Edition)), and eating popcorn in these cool containers we found in Nana's kitchenPopcorn Boxes (8 count).  

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