Monday, August 30, 2010

week 2 book

Froggy Goes to School
This weeks book is Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan London.  Today I wanted to focus on getting some energy out.  The Princess' and I first gathered in a circle to read the book.  In the book Froggy gets to tell about his summer.  Princess V wanted to tell me about her summer so we did that as well.  According to Princess V she went to Aunt A's who got her a snake, a toy snake.
Froggy's family leapfrogs to the bus stop, so I used this for our exercise.  The Princess' learned how to play leapfrog today.  Princess C didn't get the concept of leaping over each other, but she sure enjoyed leaping around the room.  Princess V thought it was so cool.  Unfortunately mommy is a little too big to leap over, and we ended up dog piling. Princess C did enjoy that aspect of it. 
Each week we will have a word that I want Princess V to learn to write and read.  This week is the word Frog.  We sat by our chalkboard and spelled it out together as we listened to the sounds, and found the letters. 
The Princess' seem to have forgotten some of the letters, so they are now ending their lesson today watching The Talking Words Factory.
Leap Frog - Talking Words Factory

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