Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 1 Book

Off to School, Baby Duck!

This week we have been reading and learning with "Off to School, Baby Duck" by Amy Hest.  We've read through it a couple times.  Each time talking a little about a different aspect in the book.  Yesterday, we had a sorting activity.  Baby Duck has some important stuff in her backpack.  So we created our own backpack with the same things Baby Duck had.  Then I let Princess V and Princess C each take turns pulling an item out and sorting them. 
After we did that, Princess V wanted to color our sorting papers.  We had one that looked like a note pad and one that looked like an open book.  She started with the book.  On one page she drew a picture of Princess R.  On the other side, she made little scribble lines to tell the story.  I asked her what her story was about and this is what she said
"It's about R_ and my love.  This is my love, and this is my throat"  She then put her hands over her heart and then pointed to her throat.  So I asked her if it was a story about her love for her sister. "Yes! This is my love and this is R_".  What a wonderful big sister!
Today we will be discussing how differnt things can make us feel.

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