Sunday, September 5, 2010


Friday I let the girls lead our lesson.  We decided to learn about some animals.  So we started by asking what their favorite animals were.  They both loved horses, then liked monkeys, cats, and elephants.  As we said each one we learned about it as well.  After we neighed like horses, we talked about what they eat.  I pulled out a can of oats, and let the girls "discover" it.  After playing with the oats, we made them into No Bake Cookies for us to eat.  Then we oohed and ahhed like monkeys.  I thought, hey lets learn about grooming a bit.  So I told the Princess' how monkey's help each other by picking the bugs out of each others hair.  We then related that to brushing our hair to keep it clean and neat, and proceeded to brush each others hair.   I thought while we are on the topic of grooming, let's get into crocodiles.  You know how crocodiles get their teeth cleaned by birds?  Yep, we pretended our toothbrushes were birds, and I had very willing children brushing their teeth!  Later in the day we sat around our chalkboard and listed the animals we talked about, and then listed animals that people keep for pets.  Overall, I think the Princess' loved this lesson.

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  1. Wow, wish I was there with you! This sounds so wonderful!