Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool and Dance

This week was a crazy one for Princess V.  She started preschool and dance!  Tuesday was her first day of Preschool.  We are at Nana and Opah's every tuesday, so we signed her up for the neighbors preschool there.  She was so excited to get to go, and didn't even complain when I told her she had to wear pants incase they ran around outside (and let me tell you, her wearing pants is a big deal!).  So we got all ready, took some pictures, and walked across the street.  It is so cute.  This lady has put up a wall in her garage and turned the back half of it into a little preschool.  2hours later and we went to pick her up.  She was kind of sad, because she didn't get to jump on the trampoline or get a sticker (no one else got a sticker either).  I think she just had a lot of fun and didn't want to come home.  She also got a cute jean bag with her name on it.
Today was her dance class.  She enjoyed it so much this summer, we signed her up again.  Sadly, we could not find her leotard anywhere this morning.  So after a mad search through every room, we gave in and had to buy a new one.  It was a mad rush to the store and then to the studio, where we still needed to buy some footless leotards (we found ones with feet are extremely slippery the hard way).  This new studio is absolutely amazing.  When we went to pick her up they were all dressed up with crowns and tutu's and feather wands.  She was all smiles, and was even happier when she got a sticker.  As we left she remembered to thank her teacher. 

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  1. Anna Pavlova in the making! Venice is such a lucky girl.